Going ‘home’ to Toronto – and a million dollar question

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So I am flying into Toronto this Saturday. It got me thinking a little.

Toronto is the first Canadian city that I lived in. I enjoyed the five years I spent in Toronto. And U. of Toronto remains one of the best University in the world and definitely in my heart. Being a UT CompSci grad, our treasured Professor Stephen A. Cook (his personal page) is still doing active research and may still have a chance to close up the field that he started in 1971 by providing a solution to it.

Currently, the open problem Prof. Cook created in 1971 has a US $1 million prize attached to it. Who would think one can win a million dollars by analyzing the computer game — Minesweeper? And trust me, it is much harder than you think. (smile)

Now, after all these nice Toronto related thoughts and me being excited to be part of Dragons’ Den taping. I just hate Toronto’s impossible traffic jam on 401. As the caption said, “Smog Alert Day #32 in Toronto: It took 1 hour to travel 10 kilometers.” Traffic jam in T.O. sucks big time. I think I am going to take the Go train instead of driving.

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