Better to ask for forgiveness than permission

 Dragon Fly

To make this blog interesting and exciting for you to read, I think I might end up telling you some inside information that I shouldn’t. As a boss of mine told me long ago, sometimes it is “better to ask for forgiveness than permission“. So I might as well ask for forgiveness from the CBC big bosses now. (smile) Will you forgive me please?

So dear readers, here is my advice. Come over and read this blog as often as you have time. (smile) It is likely that you will have a small window of time to read some inside information about Dragons’ Den that I shouldn’t blog about. And that window will close once the big bosses found about these information and ask me to remove those “oh, Kempton, may be you shouldn’t have blogged about that” information. (bigger smile)

Of course, I will never blog about information that I judge will reduce your fun in watching Dragons’ Den — so no information about who gets funded or not, etc.

Will see how far this blogger can match a dragonfly’s speed, vision, and camouflage ability in order to bring you some interesting report from the CBC Dragons’ Den set next week. Stay tune.

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