I’m your eyes and ears …

Dragon Fly
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Banff World TV Festival

I am off to Toronto tomorrow and then Banff. I will be your eyes and ears in CBC Dragons’ Den, nextMEDIA, and Banff World TV Festival for the next two weeks. You will find my CBC Dragons’ Den reporting under this link, and nextMEDIA 2007, and Banff World TV Festival reporting under this link.

Now, here is the fun partI encourage and welcome your questions or comments. If you have things you want to find out, leave me a comment or send me an email and I will see what I can find out. Think of me like your little Dragonfly going on missions to find things out for you. (big smile)

P.S. I cannot confirm or deny if Dragonfly has “ears” but it sounds better to say “I’m your eyes and ears …”. (big smile) Just to confuse you, can Dragonfly smile? (oh no, bigger smile)

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  1. […] will try to be your eyes and ears in the next four days. You are welcomed to leave a message if there are things you like me to find […]

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