Blogging while flying at 503mph & altitude 39772 ft

flying737 Winglet

I started writing this blog entry on June 2nd, 9am MST at a speed of 503 miles per hour & altitude 39772 ft. on board a beautifully leather-seated and satellite-TV equipped WestJet 737 with Blended Winglet Technology and a giant ad.

I have never blogged on an airplane before and I am missing my internet connections very much. For example, I have to defer finding some nice Creative Common flickr photos to link to. I can’t use Wikipedia to research on topics and possibly link to them in my post. And I have no way of publishing this entry the minute I finish writing it. I will have to wait till I have internet connections again, which will likely be later this evening.

Now, I just came up with a new idea to try in this blog. I will tell you more about it in a future entry.

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  1. […] Blogging while flying at 503mph & altitude 39772 ft […]

  2. David J says:

    Thanks from WestJet for the nice words about our planes. I’m glad you enjoyed your flight. Personally, I always get a kick out of the real-time display of the speed and altitude. Plus, when you are sitting in a window seat, the map is great for showing you what you are over top of.
    – Dave
    Hello Dave,

    Good to see WestJet is paying attention to blog comments about the company. When I see great services and great people, it is my pleasure to talk about WestJet. Now, I just hope you and your company are taking negative comments about WestJet equally seriously as negative comments can be used to improve services.


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