Day 1 of Live blogging by a Dragonfly

Time: 1:12pm -1:18pm EST

Wow, I am reporting live from the holding area of the round 3 taping of CBC Dragons’ Den. The entrepreneurs are chatting and having a bit of a snack. I am too excited to think of eating yet. There are so much to blog about.

I have taken a few pictures and video taped a few things and I will find those that I can share to post some. In the mean time, let me tell you the DD producers are just magicians, they are doing an amazing job, and they make things happen. Absolutely!!

Without their dedication, the show will just not be the same. For example, one key “prop” (if I can call a living animal, a “prop”) was a no show for some technical reason, and the producers just went all out to find one to appear on Dragons’ Den like magic! And I heard that this animal is a really cute one too. You have to watch and see if this pitch get on the show and if the animal is cute or not. (smile)

1:27pm: The “prop” has just arrived. I will see if the “prop” is really that cute. (big smile)

4:00pm – 4:10pm: We are just about to finish break #1. I can’t tell you anything about the pitches and how did they go. So you have to wait and watch. But for the aspiring entrepreneurs out there, I do have a QuickTime video of the trip that I took for you and I will try to upload the short video may be tonight. That is if I am not totally exhausted and have more energy to work some more. (smile)

7:28pm – 7:31pm: We are at dinner break now. Today, one of the deal is full of surprise. And you have to watch season 2 to find out which deal. And I have lots of extra stuff that I can share with you afterwards. Be patient. I have to be patient too. (smile)

7:50pm Did I say it is so cool to be invited to Dragons’ Den taping? Thanks to Dragons’ Den bosses, I am blogging from the Dragons’ Den Control room. And until I watch the taping of the various pitches from the raw control room footage, I had so much less appreciation of the actual challenges in creating the show.

8:10pm Well, we are back after dinner. And everyone is getting ready. We are rolling. Strangely, it is neat to see the count down and the dragons getting ready. Now, with the taping started, the director is selecting the shots.

10:20pm Have to run to the station to catch a Go bus home. Missing this bus will mean an hour wait at the station.

11:10pm Home sweet home. Still a few more hours work to do.

2 Responses to Day 1 of Live blogging by a Dragonfly

  1. Jessica says:

    Looking forward to reading all of what you’re seeing and hearing in the Dragon’s Den!
    Take care, Kempton!
    Dear Jessica,

    It was my pleasure seeing you in Toronto again after first meeting you and Russell in the Calgary audition. Thanks for your interest in Dragons’ Den and I hope you will enjoy my reporting about Dragons’ Den.

    Please tell your friends about the site.


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