A quick word on branding, marketing, and Lovemarks

Part of the entrepreneurial process is coming up with and creating a brand for a product. Branding and marketing a product is not an easy task but it can be well executed.

I saw some of the entrepreneurs definitely need some help with their branding which is the reason I am writing this post. Now, rather than writing a long post to talk about branding and marketing or why “brands are running out of juice“? I would like to recommend two books by my friend Kevin Roberts (CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi),


Over the years, I’ve learned a lot from reading Kevin even I have yet to meet him. The world class examples Kevin cited in his books are so clearly and nicely laid out that they are worth much more than the price of the book if you can apply them in your brands.

Until you start paying me some money for my management consulting service (big smile and I do consult), here are some free advices. OK, you better read my advices fast as my better half keeps bugging me, “Kempton, how come you are always giving free advices?” Thinking about it, here is a reason. You see, I guess I learn from Kevin the master. After all, Kevin also wrote those books to share his insight, right? And his clients keep going to him, right? (smile)

Here is a selected list of my previous blog entries about branding and lovemarks,

  1. Brands & Lovemarks building
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  5. Lovemarks Effect from Kevin Roberts

Now you’ve read the above and exercise your brain to think a bit. Here are some videos,

  1. Cities are the new black
  2. Kevin Roberts at Zeitgeist Europe 2007

Best of luck in building your own lovemark!

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