Dianne Buckner – Dragonfly Interview

As a big fan of Venture and Dragons’ Den, it was wonderful to talk to Dianne. And here is my interview with Dianne. Very insightful and with some surprising back stories.
Note: The quality of the original 100+MB video file looks good but this Google Video looks compressed. I will see if there are things that I can do to fix it later. Sorry, too many things to do now to fix it. May be later.


2 Responses to Dianne Buckner – Dragonfly Interview

  1. G Payne says:

    Perhaps you could correct the mis-spelling of Diane’s name on the https://dragonflyonthewall.wordpress.com/2007/06/07/dianne-buckner-dragonfly-interview/ page.

    You’ve spelled it as ‘Dinane’, not ‘Dianne’.

    Thanks. It’s a nice page.


  2. kempton says:

    Thanks a lot for telling me of the typo. I’ve fixed it now.

    Many thanks,

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