Kirstine Layfield – Dragonfly Interview

Kirstine and I had a great chat about how she greenlit CBC Dragons’ Den.

Note: The quality of the original 100+MB video file looks reasonably good but the compression from Google Video fuzzy up the video quite a bit. I have tried other video sharing site without much improvement. Trust me on this, Kristine is a lot more charming in person than this low quality and highly compressed video would have indicated. (big smile)

June 21st, 9:48am MST update: I tried another video sharing site without seeing much improvement, so I am reposting the Google video again.

June 12th, 6:44am update: I had a productive discussion with Jeff Keay, Head of Media Relations (English Communications) and Kirstine’s interview will be uploaded again. I will write a longer post to explain more about what happened and why. Please be patient.

June 7th, 6:21pm update: CBC communication department has requested video featuring Ms. Kirstine Layfield to be deactivated.
In my humble opinion, I think the video shows Dragons’ Den in a rather positive light but I have given my words to take it down, so it has been taken down. I will explain more in another post. Sorry for any inconvenience.

3 Responses to Kirstine Layfield – Dragonfly Interview

  1. Allan says:

    Super duper blog.
    Keep ’em coming, and don’t burn out. Fans are counting on you for another great season of behind-the-scenes observations.
    You lucky dog, er, wing thingy.
    And yes, we’d love to hear the story of your first involuntary edit.
    Did you bite someone’s hand?
    Hi Allan,

    Thanks for your support. I try to be insightful and not just a plain pretty but brianless cheerleader. After all, these days, even cheerleader can save the world.

    The funny thing is that I don’t think I offend anyone. I think I might have offended the phone book (aka the rules and procedure) and all things that kill creativity and progress.


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