Taking time to blog – Dragonfly not Superman

Well, yesterday was a great day on set but I was running around a bit to do behind-the-scene interviews (posted two, did three more). Long story short, I had only 4 hours max to sleep after I uploaded the two videos and replied to some urgent Dragons’ Den emails.

So I was too exhausted to blog last night. Now I am going to try to catch up this morning. I so much wish I hadwireless or wired Internet access during the day so I can save an hour or two at night. The thing is I can see the wireless Internet perfectly in the control room but unfortunately I don’t have a login id or password to at least give it a try. May be I need to find some tech help from the crew to rescue me. At this point, I am willing to even pay $100 (out of my own pocket) a day to Bell Mobility to get its EVDO high-speed internet just so I can blog. See how determined and big fan I am? (smile)

The other sign that I am totally exhausted is that I don’t even have time to find a photo of a nice dragonfly to put up in this blog entry. To me, the last two blog entries, I at least have the wonderfully charming and beautiful Kirstine and Dianne so I can do without a nice dragonfly. A post of just my writings is a post without charm nor magic. And for that, I am including a video of a song to remind myself that I am not Superman.

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