Dragonfly Interviews coming next

Before I got my “early exit” I managed to finished four out of five interviews with the dragons. I will try to interview Arlene Dickinson in Calgary as I am also based in Calgary. I hope you enjoy the videos and learn something from the Dragons. Feel free to leave some comments. At the moment, I have a personal favourite. See which one you like most and why.

Now, I am not a professional host or interviewer, so please forgive me for my halting questions and less than smooth delivery. (smile)

P.S. I tried to wait till I interviewed all 5 dragons before I post the video so it will be a surprise to all of them. So I hope the four gentlemen dragons don’t mind I give Arlene a slight advantage. Thinking about it, I will ask Arlene my “tree” question and also a bonus question just for her. (smile)

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