Early Exit – An initial follow up

A few days ago, I wrote my “Early Exit” piece. I want to report, for those who cares, I have just talked to Jeff Keay, Head of Media Relations (English Communications) for half an hour about my early exit from blogging deep inside the Dragons’ Den set in Toronto last week. (Jeff and I happen to be both at Banff this week.)

I want to say I feel much better now as Jeff and I explored some of the potential source of confusions that might have lead to what happened last week. And I would like to take an opportunity to learn from this experience therefore I plan to write a longer post to tell you more and share my opinions with you. But at the moment, with my reporting duty at the Banff World TV Festival (reporting for my own blog), the longer post will have to wait till may be next week.

Jeff and I agree the kind of blogging that I do are ground breaking stuff and rules have not been set yet. To me, it will be my great pleasure to help set some of these ground rules. Ultimately, having me as a super-fan is great. But it will be even more impressive if we have a lot of Dragons’ Den fans blogging about the show. I truly mean it when I say I want to one of the many many Dragons’ Den fan bloggers as a strong community can even make CBC Dragons’ Den more successful than it already is.

Looks like the Banff sky has just cleared up. By the way, these are the views that I have to “deal with” (smile) in the last few days reporting at the 2007 nextMEDIA and Banff World TV Festival. Feel free to check out my Banff reports (linked above).

3 Responses to Early Exit – An initial follow up

  1. Allan says:

    The sky seems to be the only thing that cleared up in this piece.
    If you’re looking to set ground rules for blogging you may want to print out the “CBC Blogging Manifesto”.
    But don’t expect me to use it for anything other than learning origami.
    You’re keeping us all in suspense, Kemp.
    Why we’re you let go, and so abruptly?
    No simple way to answer?
    Is it the mountain air that has inspired this cliffhanger?
    Hi Allan,

    Glad you seemed to enjoy the my picture. (smile) The short answer is that I simply still have much reporting that need to be done at Banff and don’t want to kill myself doing too many things at once.

    There have been so many confusions and I just want to make sure things are told clearly.

    Yeah, I think the mountain air, beautiful sight of mountains and lights have inspired this “cliffhanger”.

    Thanks for your interest.

    Best Regards,

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