Four Dragonfly Interviews done – one more to go

Now, I hope you had chances to watch and enjoy the four interviews with the male dragons – Robert, Kevin, Laurence, and Jim.

When I get back to Calgary (from my current reporting duty at Banff) today and after I catch up on some Banff reporting work, I will try to arrange an interview with the lady Dragon Arlene Dickinson so that we have all five interviews for you to learn from. Stay tune for that. And I still have a few more posts to write using materials based on my on-site visit to Toronto.

Plus when the Dragons’ Den team feed me some inside information as promised, I will share with you some of the information. No spoilers, of course. (smile)

2 Responses to Four Dragonfly Interviews done – one more to go

  1. Jean says:

    So, three oak trees and a silver birch.
    Will you start a poll, what tree will the last and currently lady dragon Arlene describe herself to be…
    Hello Jean,
    Very astute observations. Thanks for the good idea of a poll. I think I will start and see to get some feedback indeed.

  2. […] astute commenter has observed that of the four dragons interviewed, we now have three oak tree and one silver birch […]

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