Jim Treliving – Dragonfly Interview 2007

Here is Jim’s Dragonfly interview and his Dragons’ Den bio.
“He’s the tough guy with a soft spot for a good deal and a delicious meal. Jim Treliving is the man behind Boston Pizza, Canada’s No. 1 casual dining brand. But his background wasn’t always in pizza. Jim was an RCMP officer in the rough and tough streets of B.C. and Alberta. During a night shift in Edmonton, he sat down in the original “Boston Pizza and Spaghetti House.” It was love at first bite. After doing the math, he traded in his horse and spurs to become a Boston Pizza franchisee. By 1983, Jim and his partner bought the entire company and soon after expanded Boston Pizza across North America. Jim still recalls how his dad thought he was insane to give up his secure policing career to open a small pizza parlour.”


4 Responses to Jim Treliving – Dragonfly Interview 2007

  1. lamiaa says:

    hi boss im lamiaa 25 old years and i would like to open a small bp hier in usa and i need your help pls because i dont have enough money and this i my dream i know you are very nice because i learned a lot about you and george.
    thank you

  2. kempton says:

    There are very established franchise application process for chains like Boston Pizza. I am sure you can find out more from BP directly if you are interested and serious in starting a franchise.

    Good luck.

  3. Jason says:

    HI Jim! My name is Jason Murray i live in st thomas ontario im 30 years old and i would like you to please consider my offer. I am unemployed with two lovely kids and i need your help, i have a way to make you a lot more money and just enough for my self so i can live happy with my kids abby and aiden as well as my girl friend amanda. i dont have no paton or way to start this idea i just dont want anyone to steel it and i know i can trust you i just ask you to hear me out it wont take but five min of your time i am willing to trust you and tell you what i have came up with it can be your company all i want is a percentage of each product sold you will have 100% of my idea and the company.

    I know that it will work, i know i can trust you

    [note: personal phone number removed]

  4. kempton says:

    Hi Jason,

    You can email Jim directly but I am not sure if he takes pitches this way. (In fact, I am pretty sure he probably doesn’t take pitches/ideas this way.)

    Your best bet with something that is in the idea stage may be to go through the Dragons’ Den process.

    Since you mention you have kids, I like to add that starting a business with kids will be tough. And entrepreneurs in this situation I always advise them to have a steady paying day job and work on the ideas at night and weekends.

    Good luck.

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