Dragonfly on assignment in Calgary

Today, this dragonfly went on assignment and did some reporting for Dragonfly on the wall. I can’t show you the actual interviews footage yet until season 2 of Dragons’ Den is aired. But I did go through downtown Calgary to get to my assignment. And here I will show you a nice video clip of our C-Train. And may be Tourism Calgary can help you arrange a trip out to Calgary to enjoy our yearly Calgary Stampede?

2 Responses to Dragonfly on assignment in Calgary

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  2. Andre says:

    Hi, thank you for using my image, I’m glad it is useful!! Also thanks for letting me know about your work!
    Hello Andre,

    Thanks a lot for your dragonfly photo. Without yours and other dragonfly photos, the magic touch will be gone from my postings and I am sure some sparkles will be lost from them. (smile)

    By the way, I recently tried to photograph a dragonfly. It is tough!!! If they don’t want to be photographed, they are impossible to be captured. They are very fast indeed — “world fastest insects“. What I inspired to be like. (smile)

    Best Regards,

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