Dragonfly talking to Calgarian entrepreneurs


In my post “Dragonfly on assignment in Calgary“, I couldn’t tell you much about the entrepreneurs (who they are, what they do, if they get the investment or not, etc.) as that can definitely spoil your fun. But I will try to tell you my impression of them (without giving any info away).

  • I felt the entrepreneurs’ intense focus on their business during the whole time I was with them.
  • The entrepreneurs looked very business-like when they auditioned and when they pitched in front of the dragons. But trust me, they look hip and quite “in” when I meet them. They look like their customers and probably think like them as well.
  • I met them at their off-peak hours and they still were busy and still working very hard.
  • I absolutely love talking to them and my gut feeling is that it will be a joy to work with them. After seeing many entrepreneurs in Dragons’ Den auditions and in real life, I can tell you that there are some entrepreneurs that may be very smart but also give me the sense that they may be too “self-assured” for their own good, to put things very politely and diplomatically.

Until CBC Dragons’ Den team starts flying me to Vancouver and other cities to do some reporting [note: is that a big enough “hint” for the CBC producers? smile.], I will keep talking to different Calgary based entrepreneurs to get you some insider information from now till Season 2 of Dragons’ Den airs this fall. Once the shows air, I can share with you some of the unique journey that these Dragons’ Den entrepreneurs went through. I think what we are trying here is some ground breaking stuff again. So stay tune for Season 2 of Dragons’ Den.

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  1. Bibi Zaman says:

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    How can secure a franchsie, please let me know who to contact.

  2. kempton says:

    You can try contacting Atomic Tea directly and see how it goes. Good luck.

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