My favourite Dragons’ Den interview

As an interviewer, I know I will never be as good as the likes of Charlie Rose or even our own beloved George Stroumboulopoulos. But today, I can brag about one thing that neither Charlie nor George has done.

Today, I have finally interviewed all five Dragons and the host of the season 2 CBC Dragons’ Den. As a big fan of Dragons’ Den even before CBC filmed season one, I am so happy to have the opportunities to chat with these key people of Dragons’ Den.

I even turned Barbara Walters’ tree question into an art form by asking all five dragons the “tree question“. (smile) And for Arlene, I even added a bonus “shoes question“. (big smile)

Here are the links to the six video interviews,

  1. Dianne Buckner – Host
  2. Robert Herjavec – Dragon
  3. Kevin O’Leary – Dragon
  4. Laurence Lewin – Dragon
  5. Jim Treliving – Dragon
  6. Arlene Dickinson – Dragon

With me asking pretty much the same general business questions to each dragon, I felt a bit constrained (self-imposed in a sense). You see, in the book Hong Kong, Portraits of Power, the photographer Lord Snowdon did a crazy thing by taking the glasses off the face of Li Ka-shing (owner of Husky Energy, part owner (5% ?) of CIBC, and the richest and most powerful man in Hong Kong). Snowdon was trying to reveal more of Mr. Li to us. (According to Snowdon, there are no photos of Mr. Li without his trademarked glasses.) For me, my tree/shoes questions were my attempts in hope of revealing more from the Dragons in my limited interview time with them.

Now, which interview is my favourite? I really enjoyed the background insights on the show provided by Dianne. And the businesses insights from Robert, Kevin, Laurence, Jim, and Arlene were all shared with great generosity. So it is tough for me to pick a favourite. But since I said I will pick one, I am going to say my favourite interview is the one with Arlene because I had more time to talk to her. And the interview was more relaxed than the other on set interviews where we were all in a hurry. Plus I never got around to ask my new “shoes question” to Dianne (I think she would love it), and especially to the gentlemen dragons Robert, Kevin, Laurence, and Jim. (big smile)

Now, do you have a favourite Dragons’ Den Interview?

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