From 166 to 70 in Season 2

Dragons’ Den fans, today is your lucky day. My insider (lets call her/him “DeepDragon” (smile)) has kindly shared some interesting and neat inside info with me.

For season 2, there were a total of 166 pitches to the Dragons. Obviously, because of limited airtime, not all of these pitches will make the show. At the moment, looks like approximately 70 of them will appear over the 10 episodes in season 2. This is a lot more pitches than last year and great news for us Dragons’ Den fans.

At the moment episodes number 1, 2, and 3 are being rough cut. And from my good source, we are going to have some new music that will make things smoother and easier on the ears. This is great news if you remember my review of season 1 episode 2 where I felt the “special moment” between Maya (Aqua Blanket) and Robert could have been better handled without some heavy-handed music.

Unofficially (note: full details to be decided & announced later), the final season 2 episode will be mostly comprised of a $50,000 viewers choice prize (thanks to Concrete Equities) that is awarded to one of the Dragons’ Den entrepreneurs. Remember, this is unofficial news, so consider yourself warned. (smile)

Now, have I got you excited about the new season?

2 Responses to From 166 to 70 in Season 2

  1. James Perks says:

    Salut Kempton, Keep up the writing sir, I enjoy reading your posts as you tend to see things very open and present some good insight. I have and will continue to read as I find your website a lot better read than the CBC, thanks now and in advance for further posts. James

  2. kempton says:

    Hi James,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I write and share my views as I see things knowing well that I make mistakes sometimes. I read and enjoy some posts on the CBC forums. What troubles me sometimes is to see commentators be too self-assured of their own views as to completely discount others’ different prospect. And when some peple decided to verbally abuse other commentators, it just makes me feel uneasy to read abusive comments.

    Thanks for leaving me a comment and I am glad that you get something from my posts.


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