The Many Facebooks of Dragons’ Den

I will keep this discussion short as it may seem a bit philosophical (read: boring) and may also get me into trouble.

I blogged about a wonderful fan created Facebook group a few months back and was happy that this fan (who I still don’t know) took the time to create the group.

And now, we also have nice Facebook official CBC Dragons’ Den event promoting Dragons’ Den which I think is a great thing. (I don’t think we can over-promote DD!)

What I think will be great is to also shine a spotlight officially on this wonderful fan created Facebook group. I think it is very important to get fans involvement and put trust into fans, even it means giving up some control. I got that insight from researching on the massive web phenomenon known as LG15 and interviewing Greg Goodfried, the lawyer turned co-creator/executive producer of LG15.

So please sign up for the wonderful fan created Facebook group, the official CBC DD episode 1 event, and episode 2 event.

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