Dragons’ Den news to share

Found some Dragons’ Den news to share with you.

Vancouver entrepreneur Dean Lane of Add-vanced Bottle System talks about his square bottle business in Vancouver Sun. Here is an excerpt (emphasis mine),

Lane said he found the experience on the CBC show intimidating at first and then frustrating as he tried to explain that his idea truly works.

“A lot of people look at my product and think it’s just so simple and too good to be true,” he said. “I had to explain there were engineering reasons why this bottle hadn’t been produced before. The hardest part was getting the recess in the bottom of the bottle.

Lane also said his appearance on the show wasn’t just about the money.

“It’s not always just about selling your shares — it’s who you sell your shares to and what they can do for the company,” he said. “When [Treliving] told me he had restaurants all across the U.S. and Canada, that made me think because that could be a good fit.”

The $350,000-deal hasn’t taken place yet as both sides are in a due diligence phase to examine all aspects of the potential arrangement.

Check out this collection of Dragons’ Den updates, Q&A, etc. at Canadian Business. A really good read.

Here is an excerpt from a Hollywood Reporter piece,

The second-season opener for “Dragon’s Den,” an “Apprentice”-style reality TV series, drew 389,000 viewers — up from 219,000 for its debut episode in fall 2006 — before rising last week to 461,000.

CBC executive director of network programming Kirstine Layfield said Monday that the sophomore series initially grew their ratings last year, and she predicted they will continue to do so this season with positive word-of-mouth.

“Take ‘Dragon’s Den.’ People needed to know what it was,” she said. “Word-of-mouth and reviews helps tell them.”

Well, blog about Dragons’ Den, tell our friends and colleagues about Dragons’ Den, lets do what we can to spread the words of Dragons’ Den. (big smile)

One last piece of news from London Free Press,

Dragon Jim Treliving was real nice to do CBC a favour by using his private plane to fly “a group of Los Angeles-based actors [K: including Howie Mandel] — some of them Gemini nominees and some of them presenters — to the Saskatchewan capital because there’s no direct flight between L.A. and Regina.

Note: I actually got to like Howie Mandel from watching him in a series of Boston Pizza ads before he got famous again in Deal or No Deal. May be it is time to bring back Howie’s Boston Pizza ads? (smile)


Oct 29 update: Arlene Dickinson was named #13 in top Canadian women entrepreneur list by Profit magazine. [via Sean Wise]

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