Dragons’ Den Season 2 episode 5 review

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The following are my brief reviews and comments of the Dragons’ Den Season 2 episode 5 pitches/business ideas.


Where’s My Stylist

I saw this determined young entrepreneur pitched his business in Calgary twice and then his pitch on TV tonight. Even the entrepreneur was very personable and was quite nice, unfortunately the business and revenue models still need some further development. Plus the valuation of the business was probably a bit too much for most investors.


Power Zoom Rifle Scope

True, manufacturing the scopes might make more money per unit compare to the revenue from licensing the patent (?) to someone else to make the thing. But there are also so much more risk in all the associated cost. Plus patent litigation is not a fun thing to be part of.

Incidentally, I feel the same as some of the dragons as I have serious problem with the idea of making money from weaponry system. There are simply things that I would rather not make money from. For me, anything to do with guns is a no go for me.


Cutless Trimming Razor

The multi-billion dollar razor business is a truly cut-throat one. Unfortunately the idea presented by the entrepreneur is simply not a good one in my humble opinion.


Volila Masala

I think most viewers saw the passion of the entrepreneur during her pitch. But at the same time, passion alone doesn’t make good business. And the matter of fact is that a mostly different set of skills and expertises are required to create a successful TV show as oppose to a spice business. Just my 2 cents.


Electric Gym Network

Sorry, I simply don’t see much real use of the system. Plus it didn’t help that the demo unit failed during the entrepreneur’s pitch.


Lucid Air Pack

Thinking a little more about the product. I hope well placed and sensitive smoke detectors will eliminate most of the need for this product. I don’t know, I probably won’t buy one.


Pony Shoes

I admire the entrepreneurs of trying. But unfortunately, the game doesn’t seem to be much fun when the dragons played it.


Lit Cosmetics Inc.

Based on Jodie’s sales number, looks like she has a nice business for her. But I agree with the dragons that cosmetics is a capital intensive business and the marketing budget to promote a new brand can easily be much more than the $200,000 being asked for. I guess to get the business to a large scale that will interest the Dragons as an investment, much more money than $200K will be needed.

FYI: Here is an Oct. 26 article about Lit Cosmetics in Calgary Herald.



It was truly disappointing that the entrepreneurs did not choose to reveal openly that the patent is owned by someone or some company in Germany and not by the entrepreneurs. That was a truly unfortunate 30 minutes of mis-communicating a crucial piece of information.

More details of the current legal arrangement between the inventor and these entrepreneurs will need to be known first before any further analysis can be done.



Sorry, I simply can’t get pass the idea of paying anywhere near $3,400 for 9 (?) exercise mats. It will definitely take Arlene some marketing and advertising magic to help the entrepreneurs to get the right niche customers to part with that kind money — $3,400. Wow. OK, professional sports team, specialized private hospital in US, may be. Home users? I am not sure. Arlene probably know something that I don’t.

Now, the other issues include whether the patent application is strong enough? Will the patent likely be granted? Are there existing prior art on this that the US patent office may have missed? These and many other questions will really depend on the patent application and I don’t have any information on that at the moment.

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