Interview with Jodie Urchyshyn, Lit Cosmetics

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I met Jodie Urchyshyn, owner of Lit Cosmetics, when she had her two auditions for Dragons’ Den in Calgary in April, 2007. And then again in Toronto when she pitched for real before the Dragons. (See my comments on her business pitch here.)

As a side story, during her second audition in Calgary (where she knew she has been invited to Toronto to pitch in front of the Dragons), she impressed me (unknowing) by repeatedly giving up her spot to other entrepreneurs that came later than her but don’t have the invitations to go to Toronto yet. She could have gone ahead, taped her part and left. But she was really nice to the other entrepreneurs and I think the other entrepreneurs appreciated it.

Without further delay, here is my interview with Jodie at her Calgary store to talk about her Dragons’ Den experience and what has happened to her business since Toronto.

Jodie has all her sparkles named and she picked five for the Dragons. Can you guess who has which one?

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  1. Shelley Powers Blessing says:

    So awesome to see your face after all these years. Looks like you got it goin on. I’m so proud. I would love to know more.

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