Chatting with Brett Wilson, chairman of FirstEnergy Capital, CBC newest Dragon – Part 1


Feb 24, 2011 Update: Brett Wilson leaving CBC Dragons’ Den

Last year, I had wonderful chats with five successful Canadian business people Arlene, Jim, Kevin, Laurence, Robert (“Dragons” to the fans of Dragons’ Den) and Dianne (host of DD).

This year, I had the great pleasure to chat with Brett Wilson, chairman of FirstEnergy Capital, the newest investor in Dragons’ Den. As a bonus to me, we chatted at Brett’s beautiful home (some pictures in this post).

The following are part of my video chats with Brett. Feel free to leave a comment or feedback. Enjoy.

I will be posting the other video chats next week. Stay tune.


Engineering & Business school,
Early investment experiences


Early work experiences & Business School
Consumer & Buyer behaviour


Starting his business

15 Responses to Chatting with Brett Wilson, chairman of FirstEnergy Capital, CBC newest Dragon – Part 1

  1. […] to process and upload the videos. So here are a few photos for now. Stay tune for the video chats (part 1 and part 2) and more […]

  2. […] Calgary entrepreneur and CBC newest Dragon in Dragons’ Den (see my interview with Brett here and here), and his business partner Beverley Mahood, a talented singer/songwriter with several #1 […]

  3. interculturaljournal says:

    Thank you for sharing these interviews with us.

    Brett Wilson gives good advice here, particularly in regards to marketing.

    His approach of “business with soul,” seems genuine and is quite refreshing. CSR shouldn’t just be a buzz word, as is often the case. He is a great role-model for emerging entrepreneurs.

  4. kempton says:

    Good to hear you enjoyed the interviews.

    Brett is a great role-model indeed.

  5. Dena says:

    Thanks to Brett for being such a fantastic role model for the rest of us and I am soooo proud that he is from small townish Saskatchewan. Great value system. Thanks also for your role in the Centre for Entrepreneurship at the U of S. Yes, yes, yes, we definitely need entrepreneurship classes available in all colleges.

    We love you Brett!

  6. Tracy Patterson says:

    Hi Brett,
    I am looking to confirm Magnacoaster proved the unit and received your million dollars or no?
    Thank You,
    Tracy Patterson

  7. kempton says:

    @Tracy Patterson

    Why don’t you email Brett to ask him directly? :)

  8. Sandra says:

    How sexy is Brett Wilson? Not only does he have looks, he has integrity, charm, business savvy, brains to boot. What a fantastic role model for entrepreneurs and Canadians alike. He is Canada’s version of “Sexiest Man Alive”. Thanks for posting this interview.

  9. ana gower says:

    I would like to send mny resume to Brett Wilson. I have always wanted to work with a leader like him. I reside in Vancouver, BC and I am hoping you can help me.

    Thank you

  10. kempton says:


    Ha ha, I think many ladies will agree with your assessment. :)

    I agree Brett is a “fantastic role model for entrepreneurs” !

    My pleasure to chat with Brett and post this interview for you and others to watch.

  11. kempton says:

    @ana gower

    Nothing venture nothing gain. I’ve blogged and posted the public email addresses of some of the dragons including Brett’s email in this blog. (Actually, these email addresses were (are?) also on DD’s website.

    I will leave it as an exercise to find Brett’s email in this blog. :) Good luck.

  12. moty says:

    for now the video ”Engineering & Business school,
    Early investment experiences” answered my question, my question was, Why did Brett go to two university’s? Thanks!

  13. Taylor says:

    Hey….I’m doing a project on Brett and i’m wondering if he has done any part of government?

  14. kempton says:


    No sure what you mean by “if he has done any part of government?”

  15. Paula Kipin says:

    HI Brett ~

    I am a single 48yr old woman who can NOT let another day pass without telling you Brett you are a very handsome and attractive man most importantly inside and naturally with your soft smile.. .

    And that made my day.. !

    Enjoy yours also~


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