Chatting with Brett Wilson, chairman of FirstEnergy Capital, CBC newest Dragon – Part 2


As promised, here is part 2 of my chat with Brett Wilson, chairman of FirstEnergy Capital, the newest investor in Dragons’ Den.

Before I show you the videos, I would like to point out my favourite quote by Brett was this one from last posting (emphasis mine, link added),

“I had the great privilege of working under Dan Sullivan, under Jim MacDonald, under David Wilson. People who went on to become icons of the industry were my training ground. That was my learning curve … was working under people where Integrity and a handshake meant everything. And so as a model, it meant a lot.”

Incidentally, Brett’s discussion of integrity and ethics has reminded me of another wonderful Calgary businessman, Mr. Dick Haskayne. His book “Northern Tigers: Building Ethical Canadian Corporate Champions (a memoir and a manifesto)” is a must read and a wonderful way to learn from the former leader and/or board chair/member of companies like Hudson’s Bay Oil and Gas, Interhome Energy Inc., TransAlta Corporation, TransCanada Corporation, MacMillan Bloedel, Weyerhaeuser, NOVA Corporation, Fording, Manulife, CIBC.

Oops, sorry for this long “incidentally”. (big smile)


How rich is Brett?
Brett’s views in charity


Dragons’ Den experiences
The qualities that Brett look for in entrepreneurs or deals


Advices to entrepreneurs

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