Money quote from Brett

July 31, 2008

For the Dragons’ Den fans, here is Brett’s money quote in Maclean’s,

“My exposure is $5 million for 22 deals,” he said, munching a lunchtime banana. It turns out that to crank up the metabolism of The Dragons’ Den, all the producers needed was a Calgarian.

It definitely adds an additional meaning to my previous home-made blog entry title “The Five Million Dollar Man“. (smile)

[HT Jonathan]


Brett Wilson interviewed on CBC Radio

July 30, 2008

Here is Brett Wilson interviewed on CBC Radio. Enjoy.

P.S. I’ve bought back the “tradition” of including a dragonfly picture in the postings. Hope you like them.

Dragons shoot Cadillac in Forest Hill

July 24, 2008
Shooting the Cadillac

Shooting the Cadillac

Reading my friend the DD producer Mike Armitage went to Forest Hill to shoot a slick new opening sequence brings back some nice memories for me. After all, I spent my first year in Canada attending FHCI and doing a bit of studying (and class skipping) at the library next door.

I am so looking forward to Season 3 of Dragons’ Den.

Dragons’ Den’s Brett Wilson on Canadian Business

July 21, 2008

Here is a featured interview of Dragons’ Den’s new dragon Brett Wilson in this issue of Canadian Business magazine. [HT Sean Wise] Here is an excerpt (emphasis added),

One of my great successes is in choosing my partners. You won’t find an ego here. I didn’t do it. We started Wilson Mackie. We started FirstEnergy. We, my ex-wife and I, had three amazing kids. All my successes come with the word “we.”

One of the critical things FirstEnergy developed early on — and it was Murray Edwards that brought this discipline to the table — was weekly meetings. Every department has a weekly meeting, and all the partners have a weekly meeting. Many times the partners would come in begrudgingly saying, “There’s nothing new to discuss.” But you know what? We’d take an hour and a half and discuss nothing new. It was about team building, it was about understanding how everybody responded under pressure, and taking the time to get to know each other.

We certainly see $150 oil. The demand contraction that is occurring as a result of price escalation this time is dramatic. New truck sales are down 45% in two months. Hummer sales have gone to zero. The price swing has hammered the world, and it’s gone too far, too fast. As much as I see $150 oil, I can also see sub-$100 again in the next year.

The end of my active career as an I-banker really began around the time of my divorce in ’99. I’d been running pretty hard, hardly knew my kids and certainly had alienated my wife. I became aware of that when I went through my divorce, but I didn’t act on it until prostate cancer hit me and that was two years later.

My kids tease me and say, “Dad, you didn’t retire.” I have to keep saying, “I retired from FirstEnergy, not from life.” My activity levels have doubled, probably. I’ve started focusing on fun investments. I bought into two professional sports franchises — the West Tenn Diamond Jaxx and Derby County Football Club — and I’ve invested in a ton of farmland across Western Canada.

A very well written article by Michelle Magnan. Highly recommended.

If you like more info about Brett, you can also check out my video interview with Brett at his beautiful home in this blog entry here.

Stampede sighting of Dragon and Singer/Songwriter

July 7, 2008

At a Stampede breakfast this past weekend, I was very pleasantly surprised to run into Brett Wilson, Calgary entrepreneur and CBC newest Dragon in Dragons’ Den (see my interview with Brett here and here), and his business partner Beverley Mahood, a talented singer/songwriter with several #1 hit songs and co-writer of the hit single “Come to Me” performed by Celine Dion. (see Beverley’s bio for more info)

OK, I know this is a bit off Dragons’ Den but here are a few of the songs that I like and hope you may enjoy too. Here they are.

The newly released “This Girl

The newly released “Freckles“. (note: the lyrics and ideas of this song are wonderful and reminds me of Dove’s Evolution a bit.)

The #1 song “The First Day You Wake up Alone