Stampede sighting of Dragon and Singer/Songwriter

At a Stampede breakfast this past weekend, I was very pleasantly surprised to run into Brett Wilson, Calgary entrepreneur and CBC newest Dragon in Dragons’ Den (see my interview with Brett here and here), and his business partner Beverley Mahood, a talented singer/songwriter with several #1 hit songs and co-writer of the hit single “Come to Me” performed by Celine Dion. (see Beverley’s bio for more info)

OK, I know this is a bit off Dragons’ Den but here are a few of the songs that I like and hope you may enjoy too. Here they are.

The newly released “This Girl

The newly released “Freckles“. (note: the lyrics and ideas of this song are wonderful and reminds me of Dove’s Evolution a bit.)

The #1 song “The First Day You Wake up Alone

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