Dragonfly by Buck!

Dragonfly by Buck!

Although it wasn’t quite Jodie Foster‘s kind of Contact, I was a bit surprised and delighted to be contacted by an excited season 3 Dragons’ Den entrepreneur whose business is going to be featured in the season 3 premiere.

Now, I haven’t taken much time to review their website and stuff but they already have a website built, a facebook fan group created, a facebook event/party to remind their friends/fans to watch the show.

So I consider the above steps as the basic minimum things Draongs’ Den entrepreneurs should be doing to promote their businesses/products (regardless of whether if the entrepreneurs got invested by the dragons).

Of course, if the products are any good, they should be ready for sale before the new season of Dragons’ Den starts. Entrepreneurs, the time to debug and test your e-commerce/online selling system is now! NOT after your episode is aired and you find out, oops, there is a bug in your e-commerce system! After all, it will be kind of nice to use your Dragons’ Den exposures (with tens of thousands viewers across the country) as free TV ads and help new fans of your products spend some money when they have the urge to do so (right after seeing how cool your products are on national TV).

Good luck and have fun.

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