Patent Examination: The Search

Dragonfly by Buck!

Dragonfly by Buck!

OK, Dragons’ Den fans who read this blog know that I have a thing for patents. Readers uninterested about patents can skip this.

Most inventors are very sure that their patents are solid and will give them “world” protection. Of course, looking at patent protection objectively, patent strength varies in degree (from real solid all the way to some invalid patents) and there is, strictly speaking, no such thing as a “world patent“. At the end of the day inventors still need to pay and apply to obtain patents from each and every countries that they want patent protection (in this brief entry, I won’t go into the details of PCT or talk about Japan). And inventors sometimes do “unintentionally” claim they have a patent when they only have a patent application (quite a difference between the two).

In the following blog entry, a patent examiner shares some insights and what he/she considers as “The Most Important Part of the Process” – The Search.

P.S. I should also link to one of my favourite free online video about patents, “How to Review a Patent Application?“.

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