Lessons on Patent Litigation

Until entrepreneurs have seen their patent(s) being challenged or infringed, they like to think having applied for a patent or having an issued patent means they are protected. Which is very far from the truth.

This is why I appreciate very much the effort of Mike Dillon, my blog friend and General Counsel of Sun Microsystems, in shedding light and educate us all using Sun’s own ongoing and current patent dispute with NetApps as example. Here is Mike’s latest (Oct 2nd, 2008) update on Sun’s NetApp litigation.

In some sense, the entrepreneurs’ technology or patent area may be very different from Sun’s but there are much core insight to be gained for those that are willing to learn.

P.S. You can find my interview with Mike here.


6th Oct, 2008 Update: NetApps’ patents claims are being further rejected left, right and centre.

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