W. Brett Wilson on “Experiences From a Survivor” – Prostaid Calgary

It may seem simple but we have to take care of ourselves (including our health) before we can enjoy the fruits of our labour.

So I truly appreciate Brett sharing his personal experience at Prostaid Calgary in his “Experiences From a Survivor” presentation (Google video).

Now, for the female entrepreneurs out there, I participated in the 2008 CIBC Run for the Cure yesterday and I’ve included some important information about breast cancer in my CIBC Run entry there.

I think there are some truth in saying “health before money”, so let me wish you the best of health.

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  1. Jane says:

    This man is an inspiration to me – just having come across him I am always in complete awe when a comple and total strange can profoundly affect where I was at any given time. When he speaks it’s like he is speaking JUST to me. Many of the principals and the life lessons he speaks of are my own experience and here I thought I was unique in the journey with cancer. Mine to experience, beat and plunder though was breast cancer. What I am about to say may sound odd to those who haven’t had cancer themselves, but cancer is a gift in many ways. Ask any survivor and they will tell you why. Hearing Brett and reading his story is part of that gift, to him and to me.

    Any time Brett feels like having a coffee with the female version of him, I’ll make myself available. Until then I wish all the best to him and his and I’ll be looking to seeing him on the cover of Time (for somthing or another) in 15 years time.

  2. kempton says:

    Hi Jane,

    I am glad that you enjoy Brett’s talk. A good speaker, and Brett is one, will makes us feel like he/she is speaking to just us because they are very honest with their feelings and are willing to share.

    Now, I won’t go as far in saying cancer is a gift, but a serious illness can certainly bring us to look at our lives in a different light for sure.

    I post this entry to try to bring attention to these serious diseases for men and women, and I am glad that the piece spoke to you (and I hope others as well). To me, if I can help just one person to find and detect cancer early, it will mean so much to me already.

    Best Regards,

    P.S. For any readers who want to meet Brett
    or have a big investment opportunities for him (yes, I received one of those), I hate to say this, but Brett doesn’t exactly ask me for personal nor financial advices. (big smile)

    So I am sorry to tell you that I won’t be able to arrange any meeting with Brett or any other Dragons for you. Sorry, you are on your own for those arrangement.

  3. Brett says:

    Jane – pop me an email – to wbrettwilson@firstenergy.com – and we can chat about our mutual challenges ….

  4. Irene Dmyterko says:

    I so much enjoyed watching your video. I lost my husband to Prostate Cancer last year. He was diagnoased when he was 64 and his first reading of P.S.A. was 34. Needless to say we did not think we would have him with us much longer. This was August in Oct. he started his first of 33 radiation treatments and then he was lucky for a year and the P.S.A. started climbing again and he then went on Zoladex (which is a female hormone injection monthly) this kills the testerone that the cancer feeds. Periodially he ran into some problems but were very fortunate to have him for fourteen years after the diagnos. The last year was harder but he had a good quality of life and we were very fortunate to enjoy all those bonus years.
    I so much enjoyed your video and think how hard it must have been to go this alone. In that sense my husband was lucky as he had me and we discussed all aspects and treatments very openly.
    I have forwarded your video to numerous friends and especially my family and I know my husband would have loved to have listened to you.
    Thanks again for being out there and speaking so openly about this as you say men find this very hard to discuss.
    God Bless You. Irene

  5. kempton says:


    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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