Dragons’ Den Season 3 episode 4 review



Moxie Trades – Entrepreneur Marissa McTansey from Oakville, ON is the owner/operator of Moxie Trades which creates workwear for women.

Asking for 600K for 49%. Pink and light blue female sizes and styles work outfit. Sales 600K in last 2 years.

Jim encouraged the entrepreneur to reject a deal (600K for 75%) from Brett and Robert. No deal.

I don’t know about the apparel to comment but I suspect it is very competitive.


Martini and Manicures – Martin Younan has set up shop in London, ON where his business serves martinis while providing manicure and pedicure services.

Million dollar business. If I could drink that martini, may be I will feel better, but otherwise another “entertainment” segment. Sorry, waste of time to look at as a business.


Hardbite – Sepp Amsier from Maple Ridge, BC wants to sell his trans-fat and glueten free potato chips to a larger market.

Sepp is a Swiss trained chef. Tasty chips. In store for 5 years. Sales of 125K last year? Whole food, Organic Planet.

350K for 20%

Jim (and Robert?) made a deal for 350K for 50% Want a say in US market. And need key decisions making power.

How much is a bag of these chips?


Pristine Cart – Sergeo Hristovski from Barrie, ON is the inventor of Pristine Cart which sanitizes dirty shopping carts as you push them through the device.

Not a business. Sad to see the entrepreneur wasted $120K of his money on the idea.


Whale Tail – Myrna Brayford from Alliston, ON is the inventor of the Whale Tale, which holds books open for you while you read.

It is patented? Sorry, bad idea.


Walk and Rol – Gerald & Magella LaPierre from Quebec City, QC invented the Walk n’ Roll which aids mobility for patients with foot and lower leg injuries.

Oh no …


Jane Strap – Carol Clay from Nanaimo, BC has invented the Jane Strap which provides extra support for large breasts while you work out.

Yes. My special thanks to the CBC producers for showing us the breasts. (I won’t repeat my complain of wasting my time, ah, after all, other viewers may enjoy the breasts more than me complain about wasting my time.)


Tidy Trailers – Rob Livingstone & Oliver Wolf from Vancouver, BC want to franchise their growing trash removal service.

Asking for 150K for 30%. This business compete on price alone.

Jim made a deal: 150K for 50%.

If the entrepreneurs are making $100K per person (i.e. $200K for the business) each year, why do they want to sell? I question their business acumen in making such a bad deal for themselves. I also doubt if this business is a good one to get into if their strength is just “lower price”.

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