CBC Dragons’ Contact Info

Some people have tried to get in touch with the Dragons by leaving comments in this blog. Well, you can now contact the Dragons directly as their bio & contact info are publicly listed so I don’t feel bad reposting them here. Good luck.

* Arlene Dickinson
email: arlened@openminds.ca
web: http://www.openminds.ca

* Brett Wilson
email: wbrettwilson@firstenergy.com

* Jim Treliving
email: jim.treliving@bostonpizza.com
web: http://www.bostonpizza.com

* Kevin O’Leary
email: info@olearyfunds.com

Note: Robert Herjavec’s contact info is not publicly listed in the above link thus it is not included here.


2 Responses to CBC Dragons’ Contact Info

  1. Jim Carwardine says:

    Hi… I tried to send an email the Jim Treliving but it was bounced back. Is there a new one or has he blocked emails?… Jim

  2. kempton says:

    Sorry Jim, can’t help you there.

    I checked http://www.shopdragonsden.com/dragons.php and jim.treliving@bostonpizza.com is still the email listed there.

    I am not sure what to suggest but here is what I would do if I were determined to get in touch with Jim. I would try calling Boston Pizza’s HQ main phone line and try to reach Jim via his executive assistant.

    Good luck.

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