Dragons’ Den Season 4 episode 5 review

Deal one

Product: Yummy Dough
Pitcher Timothy Kimber & Stefan Kaczmarek
Hometown Ottawa, ON
Ask 500K for 25%
Description This cross-Atlantic business duo hope to take a bite of the toy market with their edible modeling clay.


I think the offer is 500K investment (in Canada) for 10% revenue until the 500K is recouped and then the perpetual (i.e. forever) royalty rate is reduced to 3.5%.

I think Kevin (?) said it right, after an appropriate Canadian advertising and marketing campaign, the success or failure of the business may be quickly found. As a side note, in our age of H1N1, when the kids (and adults) are told to wash their hands and don’t put stuff in their mouth, I don’t know enough about children and parenting to tell if much will be changed. May be, may be not. Don’t know enough to say.

Mind you, if the dough is played in a home environment where hands can be washed first and then the dough be put into an oven to be baked into cookies, may be that will be ok for parents. Again, I don’t know.

At least the dough is selling in Germany. And some current sales data and trends can be obtained. For example, it will be interesting to see if and by how much sales have been affected by H1N1.

Nice Yummy Dough website.


Deal two

Product: Pro Elvis Jumpsuits
Pitcher Eleanor & Tim Boetticher
Hometown Nanaimo, BC
Ask 30K for 30%
Description A husband and wife duo from Nanaimo, BC don’t want to sing the blues over their business that costumes Elvis impersonators worldwide.


I love this “feel good” deal with Brett and Robert each investing $5,000 for 5% each and providing a loan of $20K.

Eleanor does great tailoring work and her Elvis jumpsuits are so cool looking and well-made that dressing up as Elvis came across my mind briefly. If the due diligence of the business and financials checks out as I suspected, I am pretty sure Eleanor & Tim will work their butts off to honour their loans and make it a money making business in time.

Check out some pictures of their beautifully hand-made Elvis jumpsuits.

Good luck Eleanor & Tim, I hope you make some good money.

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