Brett Wilson and Maja

Here is a wonderful excerpt from the article “Brett Wilson and Maja” in Dogs in Canada,

“Maja is probably the most stable influence in my life,” says Wilson. “She’s a huge part of what I call my mental health.” He makes it a priority to spend as much quality time with her as possible. As a result, Maja has become somewhat of a world traveller. “Anywhere I’m taking the jet, I’ll take her. She’s happy to fly anywhere.” For the most part, though, Maja spends her days in the office with Wilson. “We just ordered two great big beds for her. She has complete freedom to wander around the office and do whatever she wants.” As far as I can determine, what Maja wants is to share her calm spirit with those around her, and to occasionally wander from employee to employee in search of “fresh” hands for a good scratching.

She’s a lucky dog, but then again, maybe it’s Wilson who’s the lucky one. “The unconditional love of an animal is probably one of the most powerful things you receive in your life,” he told me. I couldn’t agree more.

Any final comments about your dog, I ask? “Yes,” he replies. “To meet her is to know her is to love her.”

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