BPG Motors UNO electric unicycle – an update

January 29, 2011

Ben Gulak with Uno bike prototype

It is really nice to read and watch updates of Ben Gulak’s BPG Motors (see Facebook page) after previously interviewing Ben in Dec 2009.

The following are two YouTube video clips. Also check out this Facebook video clip of “The CEO of SolidWorks talking about the Uno on Stage @ SolidWorks World“.

BPG Motors: Transforming UNO Video

BPG Motors: UNO Development Video

[HT Brett]


Ralf Chlipalski, Use My Bank, Garden Gate Farms (Season 5 episode 11)

January 13, 2011

Ralf Chlipalski, Use My Bank, Garden Gate Farms (CBC Dragons' Den Season 5 episode 11 pitches)

Here are my comments on some of the pitches in Season 5 episode 11 of CBC Dragons’ Den.

Ralf Chlipalski

I first met Ralf in 2007 when I visited the Dragons’ Den set and got to watch people pitched live. (See “Prolific inventor” and my review of Ralf’s pitch.) I like Ralf and actually want to see him do well. May be this is wishful thinking, but I really want to see Ralf coming up with a useful invention that people need and he can sell. Well, I can wish and hope.

Rewording what I wrote in my 2007 blog entry,

I thought hard about Ralf Chlipalski’s approach in pitching so many ideas and simply hopping one will stick. And then James Dyson taking the total opposite approach by focusing on one problem in the beginning and improving the solution.

James took 4.5 years and created 5,127 prototypes until he got his Dyson vacuum cleaner right. James is not only a first class designer and inventor, he is also a good businessman (owning a multi-billion dollars empire) who can execute his vision and strategy.

For the aspiring Dragons’ Den inventors/entrepreneurs out there, I highly recommend James’ insightful autography “Against the Odds: An Autobiography”.

Ralf, now you’ve got $2,000 from Jim and Brett, may be you can pickup a copy of “Against the Odds: An Autobiography” and have a read? Good luck.

Use My Bank

I can’t say I enjoyed watching Use My Bank (Brian Crozier & Joseph Iuso) pitched their business for a second time. The main reason was they pitched their business with information unavailable to viewers, the stacks of business details on paper seen only by the dragons.

I am against entrepreneurs bringing information on pieces of papers for the Dragons’ eyes only. It takes away much of the fun knowing the Dragons may be making their decisions based very much on information the viewers don’t know at home.

Garden Gate Farms

Good to see Anna and Carl making real progresses on their business since their last pitch. Even I don’t know much about the business of organic juice (“awfully tasting but are good for you”), I am happy to see three of the Dragons (especially Jim) invest in the business. Best of luck to you all.