Brett Wilson leaving CBC Dragons’ Den

This morning, I am saddened to read from TorStar and Calgary Herald that Brett Wilson is leaving the CBC hit show Dragons’ Den. Here is an excerpt from TorStar,

Entrepreneur Brett Wilson is leaving the show Dragons’ Den at the end of the current season.

CBC-TV executive Julie Bristow says Wilson and the broadcaster could not agree on the terms of his contract.

Brett is a great guy and one of my most favourite Dragon on the show. I love the fact that Brett managed to find ways to close most of his Den’s deals. I like many of the businesses he invests in and secretly wish I could also invest in some of them if I am given the chance! (I won’t name them publicly here. :)

I will add more to this article if I have more to report.

I know I will miss watching Brett on the show. Good luck and all the best Brett.

P.S. On a personal note, in June 2008, Brett was really nice in agreeing to be video interviewed by me and he answered every question I had. It was a great pleasure to know Brett before he appeared on the Den. And I can honestly say Brett has always been the same easy going, friendly and nice guy. Here are links to part 1 and part 2 of the video interviews.

Note: For more updates (latest Feb 28th update with links to Brett’s official press release), see cross posted entry here.


3 Responses to Brett Wilson leaving CBC Dragons’ Den

  1. Corla says:

    I will miss him on the show! Makes me feel even luckier to have him as a business partner from our appearance this season.

  2. kempton says:


    You and other entrepreneurs in this season are lucky indeed.

    So many people will miss Brett.

  3. Marilyn Nickel says:

    Corla….I am so happy for you.You have the best partner possible.His kindness is addicting. i wish you a long and happy partnership with Brett!
    PS…please tell him how much he is loved.TY

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