Season six premiere – episode 6.01

I watched the Season six premiere tonight and even taped it so I can rewatch any part if I wanted to. Like many others expressed on CBC Dragons’ Den Facebook page tonight, I miss Brett Wilson and the show is not the same without Brett. Plus, I think I have seen enough of non-entrepreneurs (some people simply call them “crazy” or “nut”) that are put on TV to be laughed at (note: not “laugh with”) at length!

Whats going on? This is the six season already, don’t we have more entrepreneurs in Canada that have serious businesses to fill the show? Of course, it is fun TV to have non-entrepreneurs to let TV viewers laugh at and critize but I would rather learn from some good and solid businesses and pitches.

I’ve watched Brett Wilson’s new show “Risky Business” and love it. Sure, Risky Business isn’t perfect but it is great for a series premiere. You can watch Risky Business online here. In contrast, Dragons’ Den is at its sixth season now, I honestly expect more.

Don’t get me wrong, my bet is Dragons’ Den Season Six will make CBC a ton load of money but I think CBC need to up their game and put less “non-entrepreneurs” on the show.

I’ve been a long time Dragons’ Den fan and I want to emphasize that in Oct 2006, I wrote a harsh article criticizing Globe and Mail’s John Doyle’s negative review of the brand new and not yet popular Dragons’ Den. I was fair about what I wrote then, and I am fair about what I write now.


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  1. Great as always Kempton. I loved Risky Business and agree I think we will see a lot of successful business on that show and it is great to see an investment work over 30 days.

    I do love the den also and was so excited to see Snappy Socks on the coming soon to the den update segment!

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