About Kempton

Kempton is a big Dragons’ Den fan as it was love at first sight with the BBC Dragons’ Den in Banff when he attended the Banff World TV Festival as a CTV Fellow in 2006. That was months before the CBC official Dragons’ Den announcement. Since 2006, Kempton has probably spent more than a hundred hours blogging about CBC Dragons’ Den stuff. If you like, you can read all his seven reviews for season one.

Kempton once spent two hours making sure one particular review has some ground. In case you are curious, a Dragons’ Den entrepreneur made a claim in one of the show about his patent. And Kempton, being a super patent geek, spent 2+ hours researching on that patent before he rendered his wild-guess and most likely wrong judgment. (see Kempton’s s01-e05 review re: SmartCD) (See below for a Sept 11th,2008 Update)

Kempton sometimes think that he is smarter than he actually is. (smile) Most days, he just prefer people to think that he is dumb and dumber than he actually is. (big smile) For more information about Kempton, you can read his extensive blog and take a look at his background & cv.


Sept 11th, 2008 Update: The promoter of SmartCD was nailed for tax fraud.


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