Dan Eisner, True North Mortgage

September 27, 2011

In 2007, I was impressed by Dan Eisner‘s mortgage brokerage business, True North Mortgage, when he described how lucrative and profitable it was when I met him at the Calgary Dragons’ Den audition.

By chance I met Dan again today, and he said he now has 7, yes SEVEN, officies across Canada (2 in Calgary, 2 in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Halifax).

I am happy for Dan. Have a watch of my video interview with Dan Eisner in 2007.


TRANSLOGIC: BPG Motors UNO (video interview + demo)

March 21, 2011

Check out “TRANSLOGIC 47: BPG Motors UNO (video interview + demo)“.

“We all know motorcycles are awesome, but in our view most are missing two key ingredients: a zero-emission electric drivetrain and the ability to transform. That is, until 17-year-old Benjamin Gulak created the UNO as a high school senior. Now on their third iteration, BPG Motors is perfecting this unique EV cycle and TRANSLOGIC is the first to take it for a spin.”

Dan Eisner, Avenue Magazine Top 40 under 40 (2009)

December 15, 2010

I saw the familiar name Dan Eisner (a Dragons’ Den entrepreneur/pitcher in 2007, with video interview) in an article today and then I found that he was selected by Calgary Avenue Magazine as one of its 2009 Top 40 under 40.

I want to send a belated congratulation to Dan. Great job Dan!

Erin Bolger’s The Happy Baker – 2010 New York Times Best Cookbooks

December 8, 2010


I am excited to report Erin Bolger’s “The Happy Baker” has made the 2010 New York Times Best Cookbooks!

[…] After a while, Ms. Gold’s injunctions to cook “breathtaking” food made me want to curl up on a cinnamon bun for a nap with “The Happy Baker: A Girl’s Guide to Emotional Baking” by Erin Bolger (Harlequin, $17.95), a bright spot on the often-messy bookshelf of culinary comedy. Ms. Bolger’s tales of love, loss and caramels, matched with easy recipes, include advice on why sleeping with the gardener at a Cuban resort hotel is a good idea, and how to deal with a Valentine from Mom. She and Matt Moore, the earnest author of the self-published “Have Her Over For Dinner” (Last Resort Press, $25), might make a nice couple. Mr. Moore, a musician in Nashville, targets the young man who wants to make dinner on a date — while managing to avoid the usual Playboy-tinged prose of cookbooks “for men.”

Congrats Erin on your great job! You’ve worked hard to make this possible!

Feel free to check out my video interview with Erin “The Happy Baker” from earlier this year.

Erin Bolger “The Happy Baker” interview (with video)

February 24, 2010


(Cross posted as an examiner.com article.)

In the season 5 episode 6 of Dragons’ Den the happy, humours, and driven Erin Bolger pitched her book “The Happy Baker – A Dater’s Guide To Emotional Baking” and made a $50,000 deal on TV with Calgary-based Dragon/investor Arlene Dickinson.

The following are some highlights of what Erin and I talked about in the video interview,

What lead Erin to write and self-publish the book? I asked if she has got any help in writing the funny bits in the book? For example, did she have a comedian friend to help her write?

An update on Erin’s deal. On TV Erin & Arlene agreed to: $5,000 cash, $20,000 in travel miles, and $25,000 in PR services, in exchange for 30% of the proceeds from the book sales.

How did Erin come up with the 300,000 copies sales target? Thats one out of every 100 Canadians! How far along has Erin reached the target so far?

– We also talked about some of the recipes in the book. Here are links to the recipes for “My Mom’s Cupcake” and “ME + YOU – YOU = ICE CREAM COOKIE SUNDAE“. Both look very yummy.

– We also talked about Erin’s Paris cookbook festival experiences. And her experience in visiting the world famous Pierre Herme shop in Paris.

Erin Bolger “The Happy Baker” interview is coming soon

February 24, 2010

This reporter just had a most wonderful video interview with Erin Bolger (Erin pitched her book “The Happy Baker – A Dater’s Guide To Emotional Baking” in the season 5 episode 6 of Dragons’ Den where Erin made a deal on TV with Calgary-based Dragon/investor Arlene Dickinson.

It will take me some time to process the video and write the article, in the mean time, here are some photos.

(All photos by Erin Bolger. Used with permission.)




The following are photos from Erin’s recent Paris trip.


Erin-05-Pierre Herme world famous shop in Paris



The Happy Baker: A Dater’s Guide To Emotional Baking (Season 5 episode 6)

February 11, 2010

Erin Bolger’s, author of “The Happy Baker: A Dater’s Guide To Emotional Baking“, pitched on CBC Dragons’ Den last night and it was a ton of fun to watch her pitch. Now, the no cash deal is a sure win for Arelene, what I am much less sure is how does Erin think now. I am trying to interview Erin to find out if the deal is closed and how are things with her book.

At press time, the book’s success or failure is riding a lot on Erin’s shoulder. But I like Erin and hope she does well. Stay tune and I will post an interview if I get a chance to chat with her.

Here is the lovely Erin showing you how to bake!