Brett Wilson to host “Risky Business” on Slice TV

April 20, 2011

4:43pm Update: Here is a great radio interview with Brett  by @phoenixonair. Highly recommended. I have fixed this article to correct my mistaken impressions about some elements of the show. Sorry for the mistakes.


I am excited to report a new high-stakes investing television series with Brett Wilson called Risky Business is being launched and premiering on Slice in Fall 2011. The show is holding casting calls for both investors and entrepreneurs.

After gaining better understanding from listening to Brett’s radio interview, the entrepreneurs are definitely not the kind I have originally been thinking of. This makes everything really interesting and non-traditional. According to Brett, Risky Business is based on the UK BBC format “Beat the Bank“. Interestingly, Duncan Bannatyne, presenter of Beat, is a Dragon on BBC.

Here is an excerpt from the press release (emphasis added),

“In each episode of Risky Business, Brett will give the daring couple a chance to risk big and win big. As host, he will guide the investors as they choose between pitches made by two different entrepreneurs, each looking for capital and offering a big return. The options will be unusual – such as investing in undervalued vintage wine labels or betting it all on a high stakes one-night-only event. The duo will stake their life savings on one investment, and Brett will invest in the other.  It isn’t until the end of the episode that it is revealed how each investment performed.  Will the risk-taking couple win big or lose it all?  Do they out perform Brett?  Or does Brett prove he can make money just about anywhere? Read the rest of this entry »


Dragons’ Den entrepreneur & inventor Ben Gulak (Uno bike) update & interview

December 8, 2009

Few days ago, I conducted an exclusive interview with 2008 Dragons’ Den entrepreneur Ben Gulak from Milton, ONT where Ben gave an update of what happened after his 2008 TV pitch and shared some latest info happened after the Nov 11th, 2009 CBC Dragons’ Den update show.

Read the watch the interview here.

Ben Gulak with Uno bike prototype

Less is More

November 25, 2009

Hello Fans of CBC Dragons’ Den and readers of Dragonfly on the wall,

You may have been wondering why the silence in the last few weeks and no reviews of the recent episodes? Well, I am still a big fan of Dragons’ Den and watch every episode but I have been busy with other things. And it takes time to write a good entry.

Don’t worry, I am still going to post new entries here from time to time. In fact, I am in touch with one of the cool Dragons’ Den entrepreneur. (Please see the following update)


Nov 26, 2009 Update: I’ve done an interview with Ben Gulak (remember Uno?) yesterday. I will try to find some time to complete the research and processing of the interview and will post it soon. Stay tune.